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I have loved singing since the age of 5 year old.

I listened to 4 of my dad's sisters and my grandmother harmonising to Blue Bayou by Linda Ronstadt in the kitchen as they made breakfast.


I was laying on my back on a bed and I got goose bumps from head to toe. I knew at that moment in time that I didn't want to do anything else but sing.

I love to help people of all ages learn how sound is made, and then how to use this knowledge and specific instrument to sing to the very best of their ability.

I am a student of the Estill Voice Training Programme (The Physiology of Voice Production)  designed by Jo Estill (International Opera Singer). 

I am in training to become a Master Teacher of this system that takes 5 years to complete. 

I started my journey in 2018.

Cost:        $35 US per hour.
Mobile:     Raymond - 02102679302
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