I have acquired 30 years of playing professionally with Auckland's most respected musicians including - Alex Griffith, Nathan Haines, Peter Urlich, Max Stowers, Richard Murray, Damian Hauwai and musician/tutors including university lecturers - Dr Mark Baynes,Kevin Field, Dixon Nacey, Oli Holland.


I have developed a programme that balances practical playing,theory and notation alongside access to online tutorials and songs by performing artists past and present,the aspiring  musician seeks to follow  and learn.

$60 per hour lesson
Contact Denis - 021613011

I love singing, and I love to help people of all ages learn how to use their voices to sing like angels.


Singing is one of the most beautiful things in the natural world and everyone has a gift they can shape and share magically for all to enjoy.

I am a devote student of the Estill Voice Training Programme (The Physiology of Voice Production)  designed by Jo Estill (International Opera Singer). I am planning to be a Master Teachers in 2023 after the 5-year required commitment that started for me 2018.

$60 per hour lesson
Contact Raymond - 02102679302
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