Hi music lovers.I have a performance background in Jazz vocal/guitar[Stanford University Jazz Workshop].I grew up listening to the wonderful music choices of both my parents; Dad - Soul/Rnb and Jazz; Mother - British Pop 60s and Jazz.

I have worked and are still active with Aucklands finest musicians including masters of there instrument and craft Alex Griffith,Kevin Field,Dr Mark Baynes,Miguel Fuentes,Dixon Nacey,Nathan Haines. 


It is a joy to be working alongside Ray Bishop,a fine singer-percussionist and most importantly,a fine human being and artiste.

Wow, making music, is there anything better? Since the age of five in my grandparents house, I have wanted nothing more than to sing.


My fascination with vocal performance made me fall in love with the greats such as, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Elvis, MJ, Bob Marley, and probably every music artist since, and every musical style from yesteryear up til today.

My desire to develop my vocal performance, drives me every day to be better in every way possible. Making music with Denis enables me to pursue this goal   

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